WELCOME TO Maa Yashoda Organic Product Limited !

A wide range of delicious Hing, Dry Amla, Giloy, Amla Murabba, Garlic Pickle, Olive Pickle, Ginger Pickle, Mango Pickle, Vegetable Pickles, Organic Tea etc., is available here..

About Our Company

We, Maa Yashoda Organic Product Limited have started our business as a manufacturer of Hing, Dry Amla, Giloy, Amla Murabba, Olive Pickle, Ginger Pickle, Mix Veg Pickle, Jack Fruit Pickle, Garlic Pickle, Lime Pickle, Mango Pickle, Vegetable Pickles, Organic Tea, etc. These are prepared by high quality ingredients such as spices, oil and vegetables. In a short span of time our brand has earned great recognition owing to the great taste of our pickles. We have hired a team of experienced food experts which makes delicious pickles for customers. In a short period of time we have registered our name amongst profound traders. Whether the products are manufactured in our company or have been obtained from vendors, are assured to be of high quality. This is the reason for our tremendous success in the industry. All our products are offered at affordable prices. We are a company which thinks of the clients before anything and always bring-forth the best for them.

Why Our Products are Preferred?

We have successfully convinced customers that our products are pure and good for their health. All our products such as Hing, Dry Amla, Giloy, Organic Tea, Amla Murabba, Mango Pickle and Vegetable Pickles, never contain adulterants that are frequently used to increase the quantity of items. We have become popular as an honest and ethical trader. Mentioned below are some of the other reasons owing to which our products are preferred:

  • Packed with perfection
  • Free from adulterants
  • Hygienically prepared
  • Delicious in taste
  • Pleasant aroma


The products that we offer meet the standards of FSSAI. These have great taste as well as are good for health. Additionally, all our products come in high quality packaging that protects these from getting contaminated as well as lose their texture because of moisture. Apart from the taste of our range, we are careful about other things also, so customers can get the products that are even better than their expectations. We seek for continuous improvement so clients can be served in a better way.  

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