Vegetable Pickles
Our Vegetable Pickles are the spicy & sour side add-ons, which boost the taste of bland meals. These have been made with less oil, aromatic spices, salt and sugar. The pickles have an optimum level of nutrient level and good taste.
Amla Murabba
Amla Murabba is enriched with high amount of vitamin C and is a boon for the dietetics. The tangy flavored murabba is hygienically made from moderate amount of sugar, oil and other ingredients.
Get in touch with us to buy aromatic tea to start your day with refreshing beverage. People can make this tea according to their preferences, whether with milk or without milk.
We have in the offering apple cider vinegar that is used in household and commercial kitchens as an essential ingredient in chutneys, marinades, etc. In oder to make it, fermented apple juice is utilized.

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